• Women's Pack Trips

The creative words of wise, wild women...


"Remember when you chased the mule, you swam in the lake, you took your clothes off, you took your heart out, you tied a knot, you formed a bond?  Remember all the laughter?  Remember the wind as a river in your hair?"

-- Lulu Waks, Women's Trip 2015

"I remember running my fingers ~ through my hair watching the strands disappearing on the high mountain wind. ~ I remember running my fingers ~ down Sultan's silky midnight coat watching his withers shake. ~ I remember my fingers moving the leather reins until the connection was just right ~ Touching the earth constantly each day and night

I remember listening to messages on the wind swept pass punctuated by the Condors stealthy appearance.  ~ I remember the sound of moving with our horses in the water along the lakeshore and keeping beat with my hips.

I remember the plaintively positive affirmations of the goat herds bleating yee-ahh ~ Hearing the storm approach and knowing peace in silence

I remember smelling steaks and curry and basil. ~ I remember how sweet the dust and sage brush smells after the first light rain. ~ I remember being scented by fire and horse. ~ The perfume of Argentina

I remember sampling the hail on my tongue in the thunderstorm as we huddled together in the brush. ~ I remember how I savored the crispy fat from the goat Jaime shared. ~ I remember tasting the sweet labor from the garden in every bite that sustained me. ~ Licking Mate off my lips."

-- Krista Miller, Women's Pack Trip 2015

"Every time I walk, ~ by foot or by horse, ~ up into those ledges, high valleys, ~ sheer passes, pristine seeps; ~ I am both cleared ~ and reignited. ~ I am washed clean of my ~ troubles and stagnancies. And I am ~ filled with poetry again. A sweet, ~ forgiving, intrigued understanding ~ of the world. ~ This is the power ~ of open sky, cold water ~ and brisk wind. ~ I remember my skin parched ~ by altitude, sun and air. ~ I remember all the windows of past ~ coming on strong with the sensation ~ of highness. I remember. ~ I know. ~ Eight women. ~ A chant singing ~ up through the Nire. ~ Condor wings. ~ Sincerity. ~ Laughter. ~ Silence. ~ The clatter of mountain shale."

-- Aly Moyer, Women's Trip 2015