• The Ranch

    Family owned and operated since 1978.

Estancia Ranquilco is a family-owned, 100,000 acre horse and cattle ranch nestled deep in the wild heart of Northern Patagonia.  But Ranquilco is more than just a ranch - it is a refuge in deep nature where guests come from around the world to experience miles of unfenced horseback riding and world class fly fishing. Vacations at Ranquilco are a unique and magical combination of fun, adventure and tranquility, blending authentic Argentine ranch culture with high-quality and familial service, ruggedly beautiful landscape, off-the-grid living, and topnotch riding adventures.



  • Patagonia horse tour
    Estancia Ranquilco is a remote, family-owned, 100,000 acre horse and cattle ranch nestled deep in the Andes.
  • Hand crafted stone and wood lodge at Estancia Ranquilco in Patagonia Argentina for horse riding holidays
    Enjoy rustic ranch elegance in any one of the uniquely hand crafted rooms at our beautiful, remote lodge.
  • Gauchos using horses to trample wheat to separate the berries from the chaff
    Our horses are the classic Argentine Criollo; strong, sure footed, and level headed.
  • a bend in the river, Estancia Ranquilco
    The Trocoman and Picunleo run through the middle of the propery and flow just below the lodge.
  • Ranch to table cuisine in Patagonia
    Ranch-raised meat and homegrown vegetables for true ranch-to-table cuisine, the Argentine way.
  • washing feshly picked beets in the gardens of Ranquilco
    Our large-scale organic garden provides fresh produce every day.