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We host a diverse group of international staff and volunteers who come to work, ride, and play...drawn to Ranquilco by a common love of horses, wilderness, community, and adventure. Volunteering at Ranquilco or joining one of our internships is a great way to experience a living example of large-scale ranch-style homesteading, learn off grid life skills, and spend time with a diverse group of amazing people in a spectacular setting.



  • Work trade opportunities at Ranquilco.
  • Friends at a community asado at an Estancia in Patagonia
    Two-month ranch internships for those looking to learn homesteading skills.
  • Hand forging a knife at the ranch Estancia Ranquilco in Patagonia Argentina
    Hear from past interns on their unique experiences living at Ranquilco.


    • Explore Estancia Ranquilco.
    • Family owned and operated since 1978.