• Garden

    Homegrown and organic.

"Our last evening was spent on our balcony where the Estancia had laid out a feast of trout from the river, vegetables from the garden, and sumptuous Argentine wine - served on silver and crystal and prepared with lots of love." - 2009 TripAdvisor Review

At Ranquilco, given we are far from a grocery store of any kind, we have a deep appreciation for homegrown foods. We strive to produce as much food as we can right where we are. Our large organic garden provides the community of guests and staff with delicious greens, squash, carrots, beans, beets, cucumbers, and much more. Paired with our grass fed beef, lamb or goat, and fresh cheese made from our dairy cows' milk, our plates always feature food we grew and harvested that very day.


    • Ranch to table cuisine in Patagonia
      Ranch-to-table cuisine, the Argentine way.
    • a bend in the river, Estancia Ranquilco
      The Trocoman and Picunleo Rivers flow through the ranch.