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    Join us for a life-changing vacation in Patagonia.

Ranquilco is more than just a ranch - it is a refuge in deep nature where guests come from around the world to experience miles of unfenced horseback riding and world class fly fishing.  It is a vast expanse of land, stretching across leagues of high steppe, river valleys, meadows, and jagged cliffs into the very heart of the Argentine cordillera. The western property boundary abuts the Chilean border - sitting atop a horse on one of the mountain passes affords sweeping views of active volcanoes, snow-capped peaks, and weeks of wandering potential.  Vacations at Ranquilco are a unique and magical combination of fun, adventure and tranquility, blending authentic Argentine ranch culture with high-quality and familial service, ruggedly beautiful landscape, off-the-grid living, and topnotch riding adventures.

  • Cristo and Flor Scarpati teach a horsemanship clinic at Estancia Ranquilco
    An immersive horsemanship clinic with two of Argentina's most renowned trainers, hosted at the beautiful Estancia Ranquilco.
  • Ride with us into the heart of the Andes on one of our multi-day horse treks. Many options to choose from!
  • Take time off at our off-grid ecolodge.
  • Riders on horseback crossing the river on the approach to Estancia Ranquilco in Patagonia Argentina
    Worth every minute of the journey.


    • Family owned and operated since 1978.
    • Explore Estancia Ranquilco.