• Rivers

    The Trocoman and Picunleo Rivers flow through the ranch.

"Riding for hours in the hills, swimming in the cold river water, picnics under the poplar trees and fishing - the days passed in simple pleasures that evade us in our fast moving suburban lives." - Lisa, 2014 TripAdvisor Review

The entire central portions of the Trocoman and Picunleo Rivers flow through the middle of the Estancia. Fortunately, the rivers are of the exact size that does not permit rafting, which plagues many of the rivers to the south. They sustain large trout populations and are world-renowned for fly-fishing.

Both rivers are filled with Pancora, a crawdad-type bottom-dweller and the main food source for the trout - providing their flesh with a bright red-orange color. The rivers are wonderfully fishable, with the trees and brush behaving themselves pretty well on the banks, and a ton of personality to the waters.  We are happy to drop you by horse up or down river with a pack lunch to spend the day fishing your way back to the lodge.

There are numerous beautiful sandy beaches with deep swimming holes within walking distance of the lodge. Spend a perfect day swimming in the cool waters and relaxing on the banks.


    • Criollo horses crossing the river
      See our Argentine criollos in action.
    • People standing around a roasting goat asado at Estancia Ranquilco
      Ranch-to-table cuisine, the Argentine way.