• Food

    Ranch-to-table cuisine, the Argentine way.

At Ranquilco, we are lucky to receive gifts directly from the land – fruit from our orchards, vegetables from our gardens, trout from the rivers, and meat from the meadows. We often have fresh milk, homemade cheese, and yogurt from our milk cows. Guests will enjoy three full, nutritious meals a day. Delicious roasts, empanadas, stews, fresh pastas, and garden salads are just a few of the foods one might expect. You might also eat with our gauchos, typically an asado (grilled meat) served with fresh bread or tortas fritas (fry bread). Breakfasts are continental style, with homemade granola and bread, butter and jam, fresh milk and yogurt, and tea and coffee. Pack lunches are provided if you are venturing out by horse for a riverside picnic. Delicious Argentine table wines compliment your meals.

We will introduce you to maté.  This traditional South American tea is prepared by steeping leaves of the maté plant (Ilex paraguariensis) in a hollowed out gourd.  Drinking maté with friends from the shared gourd with a metal straw (a bombilla) is a common social practice in Argentina and one which you will enjoy throughout your stay with us.

Meals are served family style on our outdoor terrace with sweeping views of the Trocoman River, casually in our cozy kitchen, or with crystal and fine china in our dining room.

Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.



    • Gardener watering in Estancia Ranquilco's organic garden
      Homegrown and organic.
    • Woman fly fishing at Estancia Ranquilco in Patagonia Argentina
      The Trocoman and Picunleo Rivers flow through the ranch.