• Lodge Stays

    Ride and relax from the comfort of our beautiful off-grid ecolodge perched over the Trocoman River.

When guests join us for a lodge stay, they'll be offered great trail rides every day, picnics and fishing along the river, ample feasting, good company, and much more.

At our off-grid ecolodge, we are dedicated to minimizing our impact through practices in self-sufficiency. We grow much of our food in the large organic garden, produce our own grass fed beef, lamb and goat, raise chickens for eggs and milk our Brown Swiss for fresh milk. Our electricity is produced onsite by hydroturbines, water for showers is heated by fire, and most of our transportation is via horse. We even mill our own wood from trees we personally planted in our early days on the land. Ranquilco is a living example of large-scale ranch-style homesteading.

We host a diverse group of international staff and volunteers who come to work, ride, and play...drawn to Ranquilco by a common love of horses, wilderness, community, and adventure. Local gaucho families work with us as well, bringing a wealth of deep regional knowledge, skill, and warm-heartedness. As a community, we come together regularly to share traditional Argentine asados and dance.

Horseback Riding

At Ranquilco, we give you the chance to create your own riding experience – a dream come true for equine enthusiasts. Choose the length and difficulty of your rides and head out with a personal guide. Our 100,000 acres, reaching all the way to the high Andes and the Chilean border, mean your opportunities for great riding are limitless.

Fly Fishing

Patagonia is arguably the world’s greatest fly fishing destination.  Purchased as a fly fishing lodge, Estancia Ranquilco offers privileged access to miles of private water on the Trocoman and Picunleo Rivers and is reminiscent of the fly-in lodges of Canada and the Western U.S. where modern civilization is left far behind.