• Scarpati Horsemanship

    An immersive horsemanship clinic with two of Argentina's most renowned trainers, hosted at the beautiful Estancia Ranquilco.

Scarpati Horsemanship with Cristobal & Flor Scarpati

February 5-14, 2024

Adapted from Argentina's indigenous Ranquel people, Scarpati Horsemanship is a unique form of horse training emphasizing connection, understanding, and mutual trust between horse and human. Immersed in the philosophy and training from a young age via his father, Cristobal Scarpati dedicates himself to teaching this specialized form of horsemanship to horse enthusiasts around the world. His wife, Flor, also born and raised in the countryside of Argentina, is steeped with the wisdom and experience of gaucho culture. As a team, Cristo and Flor create a warm and welcoming educational experience for clinic participants, and we are so pleased to welcome them to Estancia Ranquilco to teach Scarpati Horsemanship in February 2024.

The focus of the clinic extends beyond riding techniques. Love, respect, and empathy for the horse form the foundation of the Scarpati's teachings. They utilize a variety of teaching methods including demonstrations, interactive discussions, and hands-on exercises to teach participants about horse behavior, body language, and communicating with their equine companions using subtle cues and signals. Participants will observe the Scarpati's masterful interactions with the horses, gaining insight into their gentle yet effective approach, then apply what they've learned to a 2 or 3 year old untrained colt, receiving guidance and feedback from Cristo and Flor as they work. With ample time to absorb the teachings, practice skills, and build confidence, participants will leave with greater competence and confidence from this heart-opening and awe-inspiring experience. They'll be prompted to think about incorporating the lessons both in and out of the corral.

Estancia Ranquilco provides an idyllic setting for such an experience. Participants will explore the stunning Patagonian landscape on horseback, swim and fish in the river, relax on the veranda overlooking the sweeping river valley, and enjoy good food, company and conversation with fellow guests and the Ranquilco community. The estancia offers a unique blend of tranquility, rustic charm, and warm hospitality, ensuring a comfortable and immersive experience for all attendees.

Whether you are a beginner seeking to establish a solid foundation or an experienced rider looking to refine your skills, this clinic will deepen your bond with horses and unlock new levels of horsemanship. The horsemanship clinic at Estancia Ranquilco by Cristo and Flor Scarpati promises an unforgettable experience, combining thought-provoking horsemanship lessons, unbeatable landscapes and horses, and a new group of friends.


$4850 USD per person includes:

  • Eight days of hands-on horsemanship training
  • Double occupancy lodging in one of our beautiful guest rooms
  • Riding and fishing opportunities
  • Three delicious farm-to-table meals every day
  • Argentine wines & beer

Write to [email protected] for more info and to secure your spot. Discounted price available for Argentine residents.