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"If you were only able to make one trip in the rest of your life, then I suggest Ranquilco should be it. This place is totally unique - huge and utterly beautiful landscapes, well trained horses and interesting, gentle people make this place so special. Cut off from the world, Ranquilco exists in its own time without distractions of modern life. I loved every minute of my week on the ranch and was cared for by lovely staff, volunteers and the generous-spirited owners." - Lisa, 2014 TripAdvisor Review

Estancia Ranquilco is a family-owned 100,000 acre working ranch and adventure vacation destination nestled in the Andean foothills of Northern Patagonia.  A refuge in deep nature, guests come from around the world to experience miles of unfenced horseback riding, world class fly fishing, and a cultural experience unlike anywhere else.  Ranquilco is remote and vast, stretching across leagues of high steppe, river valleys, meadows, and jagged cliffs into the heart of the Argentine cordillera. The western property boundary abuts the Chilean border - sitting atop a horse on one of the mountain passes affords sweeping views of active volcanoes, snow-capped peaks, and weeks of wandering potential.  Vacations at Ranquilco are a unique and magical combination of fun, adventure and tranquility, blending authentic Argentine ranch culture with high-quality and familial service, ruggedly beautiful landscape, off-the-grid living, and topnotch horseback riding adventures.

Our eco-lodge is dedicated to minimizing our impact through practices in self-sufficiency. We grow much of our own food in our large organic garden, and produce all of our own grass fed meats. Our electricity is produced onsite by hydroturbines using reclaimed irrigation water, water for showers is heated by fire, and most of our transportation is via horse. Ranquilco is a living example of large-scale ranch-style homesteading.

We host a diverse group of international staff and volunteers who come to work, ride, and play...drawn to Ranquilco by a common love of horses, wilderness, community, and adventure. Local gaucho families work with us as well, bringing a wealth of deep regional knowledge, skill, and warm-heartedness. As a community, we come together regularly to share traditional Argentine asados and dance.

Far from any cell signals and with only the most minimal internet, a stay at Ranquilco offers an increasingly rare opportunity to unplug and deeply reset.  Cleanse yourself of technological distraction and experience the physical and psychological benefit of a land-based lifestyle.

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"Staying an Ranquilco is not like visiting any other resort I've ever experienced. The scenery, the accommodations, the activities, the people - all are unique and exceptional. Staying there is more like getting invited to visit as a friend of the family than going to a resort as a paying customer. There's something about Ranquilco that seems to bring the best out in everyone. Part of it is certainly the breathtaking grandeur of the region.  Another part is that everyone - owner, staff and clients alike - seem to enjoy simply being there and making the best of their stay. Another important element is the atmosphere of peace and tranquility that pervades the region. The weather is ideal in their summer - warm in the day, cool at night, dry, with crystal clear skies day and night. The Estancia's main compound is best described as "rustic elegance" -- just rustic enough to make you feel like you've stepped back a couple of centuries to a simpler and less hectic time, yet, at the same time, very elegant and comfortable. The horse riding and camping are great fun, just challenging enough to give you a sense of accomplishment, but no over-taxing.

Ranquilco is very remote and pristine. Consider this - the only sounds you'll ever hear are horses snorting and whinnying, a few human voices, an occasional dog bark, the almost constant breeze in the trees and the faint rush of the river rapids in the gorge just below the main compound. In my six weeks there I never saw or heard an airplane or saw an airplane contrail."

-- John Suwell -- 

“No words can do it justice - not even the pictures can. I did not really understand the expression 'breathtaking' until Ranquilco. Because it truly was. Breathtaking. As if that wasn't enough, the people were some of the most friendly, welcoming and open people I have met in a long time. They made sure I was okay and having a good time and, more than that, they really seemed to care about how I was getting on. Ranquilco attracts people from all sorts of walks of life and I think that is what makes it truly special.

I left Ranquilco filled with gratitude and have been quite open about the fact that it felt like a little piece of home. It is the first break I have had in years where I truly felt rested. I could go on and on about this place but really, the bottom line, pack your hat, sunscreen, book and journal and go. Because to not would mean missing out on something pretty spectacular.”  

-- Laura O. ---


    • Criollo horses crossing the river
      See our Argentine criollos in action.
    • The organic garden at Estancia Ranquilco provides fresh produce to the off-grid lodge
      Homegrown and organic.