Fly fishing on a Patagonian river
  • Fly Fishing, Bike Riding, and Magic


Most of us have been there: finally being old enough to learn how to ride a two-wheel bicycle. We are awash with anticipation, and fear. We try, and fail, but keep on trying, all with the ultimate goal in mind: the freedom of speed.  It is a rite of passage that sticks with us, barring any physical limitations, for the rest of our lives.

Learning how to fly fish has much the same foundations – the anticipation, the doubt, and the determination to find success are similar. So is the memory-making: once you learn to fly fish, you’ve got the basics down for life. And there is no better place to make that memory than on a trip to Argentina and to the Estancia Ranquilco, where you can cast for rainbow trout in the waters of the Trocoman or Picunleo Rivers.

The method

You can learn to fly fish through practice, like with bike riding; you can also take classes, watch videos, or read books. In the end, fly fishing, like bike riding, requires focus, but of a different sort. You focus on your whole body, and to the silence as you stop your arm’s movement at just the right time, allowing the line to arc towards the exact place in the river where you’ve set your sights. With each succeeding cast you work on rhythm that’s in tune with what you know, where you are, and how you feel.

Whether you are a veteran or new to the sport, you’ll know when that rhythm is right, and there is no better place to find it than right here on the estancia. The rainbow trout run freely, the pools are deep, and the water is crystal clear. It is a fly fishing paradise, and just the perfect location for honing your skills or building new ones.

The movement

Movement is as important to fly fishing as it is to bike riding; it’s just different. Your feet may be planted on the river bottom, but there is movement all around. Your arm swings, the line soars, the river flows and your eyes are alert for the passing trout. There is also the movement of the wind, which may or may not affect the way your line falls into the water.

The magic

Fly fishing departs most sharply from bike riding when it comes to the magic of moment-to-moment awareness. It is a sensation that goes beyond technique. Those who know the sport best say that nature sets the pace. With movement and method in sync, you can allow yourself to let go of expectations and the schedules, both of the world at home, and even of the day. Chances are good that the only sounds you will hear are the rustling of the wind, the movement of the water, and the occasional sound of an Andean Condor overhead.

It’s easy to fall in love with fly fishing, especially here in Argentina, whether your base is the Estancia Ranquilco or our sister property, the Estancia Trocoman.  From November to mid-April, the trout, the river, and the Estancias are waiting for your next fly fishing adventure.