Work and Learn With Us 

                                           For volunteering between April and November, please visit:


During our summer months of December through April, we have limited openings for direct work-trade volunteer staff for people with applicable skill-sets. We have a four-month minimum stay for volunteers, starting on December 1 through the end of March. If you have one of the skill sets listed below, and feel that you would be a good fit, please fill out the form below.

We have had great luck and good fun with almost every one of our volunteers in the past, attempting to match our work needs with their abilities and interests. We aim to make the experience as healthy and rewarding as possible for all parties. Ranquilco is an out-of-time place, wonderfully remote, and the work offerings reflect the time-honored gaucho and ranching values. 

Everyone participates in all aspects of community living, from helping with the horses, milking the cow, cooking and cleaning, and chopping firewood. We expect our volunteers to relax on the techno front, to respect hard-working gauchos by working well alongside them, and to contribute to the community positively and proactively.

We do not operate on a fixed schedule; workdays fluctuate with the comings and goings of guest groups and the various happenings around the ranch. We do work long days, but follow the tradition of the siesta, often breaking for several hours during the hottest part of the day.  Ranch activities sometimes dictate that we begin our work in the very early morning, or work beyond nightfall. Flexibility, motivation, and stamina are a must. We make sure the work is balanced by time off to rest, ride, and explore.

Volunteer staff will be housed in the rustic volunteer bunkhouse in a shared room, with a shared kitchen and bath. Meals will be prepared and shared communally. All volunteers bring their own sleeping bags and towels–a simple laundry machine is available at the volunteer house.

There are no phones and limited Internet at the estancia. We have a satellite email service that is available during certain hours and for a limited amount of time. We encourage you to plan on primarily being away from communication during your stay here.

Horse riding guides, (one spot left!):

Horses are a daily part of life at Ranquilco. Applicants must have solid experience with horses, preferably with a background in guiding inexperienced riders. Outdoor leadership experience is a big plus.


We have a few spaces open for skilled builders. Ranquilco is a fun and challenging place to work. We mill all of our own lumber onsite and work with many of the local materials which lend themselves to natural design and creativity. Must have construction experience.


We have three available cooking positions - two people to chef in the main lodge for guests and staff, and one person to chef in the volunteer house for the staff.  Food is an exceptionally important part of our shared experience at Estancia Ranquilco - it's a creative and rewarding, albeit challenging, place to flex your cooking skills.  Truly ranch-to-table, we produce much of what we eat on the land.  Our meat is raised on Ranquilco grass and is never grain-finished before it hits our plates. Our garden supplies greens and countless other crops to adorn the daily table. The river is teeming with rainbow trout. And at our richest moments, we have Monica and Jessica, our milk cows, whose fresh milk we add straight into our coffee cups and turn into cheese and yogurt. We supplement these ingredients with grains, pastas, flour, beans, spices, etc. from town.  Wood-fired ovens and open fire pits are commonly used.  Fill out the form below if you are an experienced, enthusiastic, and creative cook with a desire to feed the community with your hearty, delicious, farm-to-table cuisine.  See the "Food" section of the website for photos.

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All clients and volunteers must present proof of travel insurance with horse riding coverage before they will be allowed to ride at Ranquilco.

Parents of volunteers are cordially invited to consider a visit to Ranquilco to check in on their children’s experience and to enjoy the excitement and peace which Ranquilco has to offer. We are happy to offer discounts for parental trips.