Pack Trips 

The Patagonian Cordillera is as unique a place as any to be encountered. It is incredibly vast, with ancient mountains, abundant water, fierce winds, stark shadows, and strong, large-hearted people. Join us a for a unique horse trekking excursion into this unparalleled landscape. Traveling on horseback is the best way to get an inside glimpse of this raw and wild land and the gaucho culture who spend summers tending their herds on the high ridges and valleys of the Andes.

8 Day Trips

A lodge stay combined with a 4 day horse trekking adventure.

Natural Horsemanship Clinic

A unique opportunity to learn and practice horse training while on a pack trip in the Andes.

Women's Pack Trip

Ranquilco has teamed up with all-women's adventure travel company, Wild Women Expeditions, to offer 3 women's trips throughout the 2019 season!

Each place has its story—its light at each phase of the day, its sounds, unique scents, cadence of language, particular tastes, and how the elements of the landscape contour the hearts of its people. And each landscape also holds its secrets, its mysteries and music, and its challenges for the human body, mind, and spirit.¨
— T.A. (Writing about the Andes)