• Women's Pack Trips

    For the spirited women of the world!

January 20 - 30, 2019

February 14 - 24, 2019

Estancia Ranquilco has partnered with Wild Women Expeditions to offer two women's pack trips throughout the 2019 season. Join fellow wild women on an 11-day journey of a lifetime. A 7-day horse pack trip begins and ends with a stay at the Estancia Ranquilco lodge.  Learn wilderness skills including: backcountry horseback riding, mule packing and handling, and the art of living confidently and respectfully in wild nature. Writing exercises offered throughout to deepen relationships with place, self and community. 

We begin the trip with two nights at the lodge where participants have the opportunity to tour the property, learn about off-grid ranch life, go for a day ride, and prepare for the pack trip.  Then, mules loaded and women in the saddle, we set out for the mountains for six nights.  For the first four nights, we ride every day to new locations, setting up camp each night as we travel a large loop up the Picunleo River valley to the spine of the Andes and onwards to a high alpine lake. There, we take two layover days to bask in the magnificence of it all - exploring the valley by horse and foot, swimming and fishing in the lake, and relaxing in true gaucha style.  Returning to the lodge, we have two nights to rest, swim in the river, enjoy a traditional asado (always with dancing!), and wrap up our journey together before we pack out.

Though the horses are suitable for people with all levels of riding experience, given the technicality of the riding at certain spots along the route, some riding experience is required.

Led by Ranquilco's team of experienced female guides.

For more information, visit the Wild Women Expeditions Website!

Email: [email protected]


    • evening light on a pack trip in Patagonia
      5 night horse pack trip follows a loop route, traveling through diverse landscapes and over several mountain passes for the ultimate horse riding adventure. Begins and ends at our off-grid ecolodge.  January 6-15, 2019.
    • Criollo horses running through the pasture at Estancia Ranquilco in Patagonia Argentina
      4 nights at our ecolodge combined with a 3 night horse pack trip to our high mountain lake camp...the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure.