Although technically you could take a really tough four-wheel drive vehicle into the ranch, most guests and visitors come in our favorite way by far—on the back of one of our beautiful horses. We pack your luggage in on horses (or mules) too!

Our horses are mostly Argentine Criollos. Over the years we have had Arabian and Criollo stallions as well as some polo (thoroughbred) bloodlines in the mix. Our horses are strong, sturdy, calm and surefooted, and are very familiar with our rugged mountain trails. They are fun, easy to ride, and dependable as good working partners. The Arabians amongst them are known to be more spirited and agile, for those that are looking for a more challenging ride. 

We offer guests the opportunity to care for their own horse, from catching it in the corral or nearby pasture, to grooming and saddling. We have a horse to match every riding level -  safe and calm for children and first time riders, to strong and spirited for the more advanced riders.

I was worried about the danger of riding on the steep mountain trails. Ranquilco horses, however, are beautifully trained, calm and trustworthy and whilst trekking along quite scary tracks I found I could just settle back and let my horse pick his way…
— Helen, UK, 2009