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 Blind Spot Trailer

Filmed on location at Ranquilco, March 2014 

There is more to seeing than sight.

A vision quest documentary, Blind Spot; Moments Unseen features three visually impaired adventurers who journey by horseback into the heart of the Andes.

During a 3-week guided expedition in the wilderness of Argentina’s Northern Patagonia, the film documents the epic, horse-powered trek of Carly, Ruth and Terry, who chart a route where blindness leads to clarity and adversity creates possibility.

The Andes provide a mythical metaphor for life’s gauntlet of physical – and figurative – blindness. The environment awakens the blind riders’ and their sighted guides’ untapped senses. This juxtaposition of perceptions expands our perspective on how to interpret everyday obstacles.

Blind Spot; Moments Unseen defies the conventional views on blindness to chronicle a voyage of self-discovery, in search of what we see, what we can’t see, and what we overlook.

film + interactive website:

Stefan Morel: director, writer, editor, producer
Leslie Haller: producer
Heather A. Marshall: executive producer
Kris Belchevski: director of photography
Whitehorse: original soundtrack
produced in association with: CBC documentary